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How RFID helps Track Manufacturing Travelers Easily and Efficiently

17 Feb 2024


17 Feb 2024

A manufacturing traveler is a document that accompanies a product throughout its manufacturing process. It contains all the details about the materials and processes that went into the production of the given product.

Once a manufacturer receives an order, they create a detailed work order outlining the production steps. But to ensure smooth manufacturing, they also create a “traveler” document that accompanies the product, recording its progress through each station.

Tracking manufacturing travelers is essential for maintaining the integrity of the manufacturing process. It provides a systematic method to guarantee that every batch of items complies with the same high standards. It also allows manufacturers to track the location, time spent, how long it stayed at one location and the speed at which parts and unfinished products move through the manufacturing floor.

How RFID helps Track Manufacturing Travelers Easily and Efficiently

But, with the current paper-based or electronic/digital systems, tracking travelers in the manufacturing floor is an uphill task. One of the main challenges is to know the location of a workorder, and hence, its traveler at any given time.

RFID for Efficient Traveler Tracking

RFID tagging the work orders is an excellent solution to address these challenges. It enables work order tracking, which in turn allows the product to be tracked through the manufacturing process. It helps in streamlining the manufacturing process, and improving productivity and efficiency.

Manufacturing Traveler Tracking Use Case:

Here’s a use case that illustrates the significant role RFID asset tracking can play in efficiently tracking manufacturing travelers within production facilities.

An industrial manufacturing facility produces various parts for the aviation industry. The production process involves multiple stages, each requiring precise tracking of WIP, raw materials and technician information. The current system is paper-based, leading to inefficiencies and errors.

The facility faces challenges in tracking the status of a work order through the production line. Manufacturing staff and leadership need to know the status of workorders at any given time. Customers also are keen to get updates on the status of their work orders. Not having visibility into where the manufacturing traveler, and hence the work order is, leads to errors and inefficiencies. Further, misplaced manufacturing travelers can also be a challenge to locate.

Implementing an RFID solution can address these challenges. Each traveler is tagged with an RFID tag. As the WIP moves through the production line, the traveler tag is scanned at each station, automatically updating the system with WIP status. RFID helps eliminate manual data entry, and to easily obtain the status of a work order, by simply tracking the manufacturing traveler, thereby leading to improved data accuracy, consistency, and overall operational efficiency.

Benefits of using RFID for Traveler Tracking:

Real-time Visibility: The RFID system provides real-time visibility of the production process. Managers can instantly check the status of any work order in the production line.
Reduced Errors: By eliminating manual data entry, the RFID system significantly reduces errors in the tracking process.
Improved Efficiency: The RFID system streamlines the manufacturing traveler tracking process, improving the overall efficiency of the production line.

RFID solutions can transform the manufacturing process, making it more efficient, accurate, and reliable. Whether it’s aerospace, automotive, medical devices manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, or any other industry, RFID technology holds immense potential for enhancing manufacturing operations.

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